Each semester 15 LLB students will have the opportunity to undertake a 2 unit supervised research project (LAWS5183).

Entry to the course will be subject to:

  1. a minimum LAWS GPA of 5.70 (at the time of application);
  2. completion of at least 32 units (#) of LAWS courses (at the time of enrolment in the research project).

If more applications are received than places available in the course, places will be allocated by ballot.

NB If there are fewer than 15 students with a GPA of 5.70+, the Course Coordinator has the discretion to allow students with a GPA lower than 5.70 to enrol, up to a maximum of 15 students in total. The Course Coordinator will exercise this discretion solely on the basis of the student’s GPA. The Course Coordinator is not obliged to permit any particular student to enrol, and may decide to have fewer than 15 students in the course in any semester. Students with a GPA lower than 5.70 may therefore apply to enrol in the course, but there is no guarantee that their application will be successful.

Students interested in enrolling for Summer Semester 2016 must select three preferences from the list of available research topics and submit an application form to the Law School by 5:00pm Friday, 7 October 2016.

Students must attach an up-to-date copy of their studies report to the application. Students should include an up-to-date GPA calculation with their studies report. Information on calculating GPAs is available here. LAWS GPA is calculated on the basis of LAWS courses only ie do not include non-law courses.

Late applications will not be accepted.

Students will be notified of the outcome of their application.

The assessment for the course will comprise:

  • Attendance at three compulsory meetings (10%)
  • A research proposal (20%)
  • A research paper of 8,000 words (excluding footnotes and bibliography) (70%)

Students will be required to meet with their supervisor at least three times throughout the semester.

Once accepted into the course, students will find full details of the course, including the assessment and other requirements in the course profile.