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The Migrant Smuggling Case Database, launched by the UQ Migrant Smuggling Working Group in August 2013, provides immediate, public access to officially documented instances of this crime. The database contains details of the arrival of smuggled migrants in selected destination countries, embarkation and arrival points, passengers, crew, and organisers, charges laid, criminal proceedings and legal issues, verdicts and other information relating to reported cases of migrant smuggling. The database is based exclusively on open-source information, with extensive references to relevant case reports, court documents, government publications, and, where available, scholarly analysis.

The objective of this database is to give insight into investigations, prosecutions, and judicial proceedings relating to migrant smuggling and into the real-life stories of smugglers and smuggled migrants. The database seeks to assist judges, prosecutors, policy-makers, researchers and others interested in this field. By creating the database, the UQ Migrant Smuggling Working Group is working to promote awareness of the realities of this crime, analyse the criminal justice response to migrant smuggling, increase the visibility of successful prosecutions, and identify best practice models that can serve to enhance the effectiveness of domestic and international efforts to combat migrant smuggling.